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Quick Example
Using Trac
What People are Saying
Who Uses TurboMail?
TurboMail is a TurboGears extension, meaning that it starts up and shuts down alongside any TurboGears applications you write, in the same way that visit tracking and identity do. TurboMail uses built-in Python modules for SMTP communication and MIME e-mail creation, but greatly simplifies these tasks by performing the grunt-work for you. Additionally, TurboMail is multi-threaded, allowing for single or batch enqueueing and background delivery of mail.

Quick Example

It is very, very easy to use TurboMail inside your TurboGears application. After configuring TurboMail (see the TurboMailGuide for details), the following will send mail:

import turbomail

# …

message = turbomail.Message(“from@example.com”, “to@example.com”, subject)
message.plain = “Hello world!”

It’s just that easy.

Using Trac

Due to spam anonymous posting and ticket modification has been disabled. Please log in using the realuser account using the password nospammersplease. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What People are Saying

“I’ve used today TurboMail for the first time… It was quick to set up, and… it just works.”

— Nadav Samet

“There are people who don’t use TurboMail in their applications?”

— Richard Clark

“Experience with TurboMail was really great. Works very smothly without any hassles.”

— Sanjaya Kumar Patel

Who Uses TurboMail?

Oprius Software, an online hosted CRM and networking tool for marketing professionals.
Bodhi, a modular web-system that facilitates the process of publishing updates for Fedora-based software distributions. Currently used to push out all package updates for Fedora 7.
iMondo, a video classifieds site with a curious mascot.
simplename, a Web 2.0 domain registrar for New Zealand.
Swim Fitness Programs, a swim training website with statistics.
Red Spider, hosted CRM and invoicing solutions.
Gibe, a TurboGears blog engine.
gcollab, a site providing golbal collaboration services like tmail.
Tropics, Gathering place for book-lovers (in Chinese).
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