How to Prepare for Voice Search

Voice search is gaining a lot of popularity. In fact, you can search the web with just your voice, navigate home, play music, check latest sports results, and make orders. Voice search SEO has gained a popularity among webmasters. In this post, you will learn about the rise of voice searches and provide you with elaborate tips to prepare your website content for these types of visitors.

Understanding what voice search is

voice search SEO 7y2In this case, you are using your voice to carry out different actions on the internet. In the last few years, people laughed at voice assistants because they considered them to be slow and had a lot of complicated in answering and understanding questions. However, this new generation of assistants is becoming quite sophisticated as the days goes by. Accuracy is still another issue to deal with.

The good thing about voice is that it is fast. In fact, individuals can speak quickly than they can write. Moreover, it is convenient as it is hands-free. You can also get relevant, instant results whether it is a question or you just want to act. Also, developments of using voice result in a context-based system which uses various components to deliver results.

It is not a surprise that a lot of people are now using voice assistants because they are convenient. This is particularly the case when you are busy. In fact, they are a breeze to use particularly to slow typers. Also, people want fast, relevant results. Studies show that people use voice search while in the car or at home.

What to do

voice search SEO 662As voice search continues to evolve, you need to examine the manner in which you offer content. If you are interested in answering questions in the context people use in voice search, then you need to start by fixing your content first. You should ask yourself the different questions your content should answer and check whether it is in alignment with questions asked by people. The answers you give ought to satisfy the needs of visitors.


It is advisable to focus on the long-tail keywords as they answer questions correctly. Remember that spoken questions have more words as compared to typed ones. For instance, (what is the best time to travel to Dubai vs. best time travel Dubai). Thus, it becomes easy to rank on longer phrases. Also, people will use terms such as nearest and best to look for relevant results.