One rule of thumb in marketing is doing whatever works for you- whether it works for others or not. Therefore, when presented with direct marketing and SEO options, you should go with whichever of the two works for you. You will certainly need both in some cases, whereas in others, either of the two will be more appropriate than the other.

Understanding Direct marketing and SEO

Direct marketing

In direct marketing, businesses contact their customers directly via emails, text messages, phone calls or even word of mouth. It is a very engaging marketing medium where a marketer communicates to prospective buyers directly. It involves a direct and personal touch that is essential in marketing. It can be done both offline and online. Email marketing is one of the major direct marketing methods. It involves sending promotional email messages to a large group of people. Those who are interested respond and an engaging interaction ensues, leading to the conversion of the respondent into a customer of the business.


Search Engine Optimization is an elaborate online marketing tool which aims at making a website or blog rank high in search engine results pages. It is based on the fact that most people look for information and products online through search engines. It is a long-term marketing strategy that builds a good online reputation that lasts for a long time.

Direct marketing versus SEO

You should know which side of your bread is buttered when comparing direct marketing to SEO. For starters, direct marketing is easy and cheap. You can develop a direct marketing campaign and launch it immediately. With SEO, the process of getting to the top is slow but sure. SEO strategies are elaborate and procedural. They are done according to a set of rules and regulations. Unlike SEO, direct marketing is a free world. No one follows you to see whether you are doing the right thing or not. You can also quantify success with direct marketing easily unlike under the SEO platform where it takes a long time before a visitor to the website is converted into a customer. Evidently, SEO may have its challenges, but it beats direct marketing in several aspects. For instance, it leads to permanent results, unlike direct marketing which is a short-term strategy. SEO also creates the basis for important analysis such customer demographics, the effects of go-targeting and the success of various web pages.

Using direct marketing and SEO together in business

As you must have noted, both direct marketing and SEO have unique advantages that marketers can take advantage of. For instance, if you are launching a new product, you will find direct marketing a better strategy. You can walk around and create awareness of the new product easily. You can also promote your brand through direct marketing, where you meet people and explain to them what your brand is all about. Once your brand is known everywhere, now apply a suitable SEO strategy. You have looked for respondents far and wide and made them your customers through direct marketing. It is their turn to look for you. Ensure that they will find you whenever they look for you online. Essentially, direct marketing and SEO are very effective when applied together in business. The complement each other very well.