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Online marketing through appealing web designs

The online market has proved to be quite capable to aid reaching most clients and from every corner of the world at a go. Nowadays it’s like every business has an online store to facilitate easy and quick market of the products and services they sell. This form of contemporary mode of business enhancement has led to the designing of many websites that do exist in our virtual world nowadays. With their ample existence, it is then very much beneficial to come up with appealing and responsive web-pages that are well-designed.

How do appealing web-designs benefit online marketing? Walk with me and you’ll know how.


Increase traffic by attracting many online users

One profoundly overcomes distance barriers when marketing through highly responsive corporate or personalized websites. People feel 001much more exhilarated when visiting a visually animated site compared to a static one, however popular it is. When doing online shopping, people want to click something and view the amazing pop-outs and color-tweaks prior beingredirected to checkouts. This hugely improves the business and sieves your website from the many others that exist online.


Increased interactivity and relationships

002Excellent websites designed to be responsive attract much traffic, as mentioned above. People attracted don’t just come to hang around the website. They get attracted because of the much interactivity with the site. Those with social platforms make the new clients get to know how the website host is accommodative to his/her customers, both new and loyal. They also get to know what the website owners operate on and what new services and goods have been made available. They also get to know how customer-suggestions and needs are catered for. When joining the platform, they can also interact with other clients and the online company’s support team to get to know if their needs are addressed. This makes them feel much more welcomed and catered for.


Convenience and personalization

003With well-designed websites, it provides convenience to users to easily navigate within the website. They also can find whatever they want quickly and effortlessly. It also makes the business more active thus reducing operating cost and hence lowering expenses for the convenience of the clients. Once clients become many, there is need to upgrade the site so as to accommodate more products. This calls for site personalization to the effectiveness of the clients that increase their continued interactivity and attraction to new site users.…

SEO tips for online marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the online marketing strategies that keep websites and blogs visible to a wide audience online. Visibility online translates into high traffic, which further spells an increase in sales volumes, as long as conversion rates are high. If you are developing an SEO strategy for your business, consider the following technical tips for online marketing.

SEO tips for online marketing

Stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO algorithm

As the SEO algorithm changes by the day, you should consider what every change portends for your SEO campaign. For instance, search engines such as Google are providing instant answers to customer search queries. With these instant answers, the search ends on the first page of the SERP. This may mean a reduction of traffic to your site. We also have voice search today, which means a lot to SEO. Most content created online is adapted to text search, and voice search may spell doom for most SEO campaigns. Linking was once the in-thing in SEO, but its value has diminished in the recent days. Search engines have imposed several rules and regulations on link building, discouraging SEO marketers from relying on it for SEO ranks. However, it still works, and the way to make it work for you is to stay ahead of the changes. Overall, what worked yesterday in SEO may not work today. There are several inefficiencies of market knowledge in SEO, and you can easily set the pace at the top as long as you are proactive and creative. Don’t concentrate on what works today. Focus on what will work tomorrow.

Don’t give up on link building

As noted above, the value of link building in SEO has greatly diminished. Gone are the times when linking and back-linking worked for everyone in SEO. There are better SEO strategies today, but link building still works big time. Indeed, it is bigger and better. But this is only for those who are ready to pay the price. You have to play by the rules of modern link building. It may be challenging, but don’t give up yet. Just be careful with the links whose anchor text you control, avoid sitewide links and focus on distributing links to the right audience, not just creating them. Consider the factors that influenced the value of links in the previous era, and still do today. Some of these factors include the location of the link on the web page, the relevance of the link, domain authority and editorial integrity. You should also consider internal versus external linking and follow versus no follow links. Indeed, if you stick to the modern rules of linking in SEO, you will achieve your objectives.

Control search engine crawlers appropriately

Search engine crawlers are some of the least understood concepts in SEO. Your SEO indexation and rankings depend on how you control web crawlers. There are three common robots whose control determines your SEO rank- Meta robots, robots.txt, and nofollow robots. These robots tell crawlers what to access and what to ignore. You should, therefore, be careful with the way you control them so that you do not block crawlers from accessing the content that you want to rank for.

You will realize that these tips are only useful to you once you have gone through the basic SEO tricks such as content marketing, debugging of the website, on-page and off-page SEO. They should come into the SEO picture once you get the basic ideas right.…