The lucrative market of esports

Marketers, prepare yourself because there is a great opportunity to promote your brand brewing just around the corner. From a mere niche, it has now grown into a global phenomenon. From a few competitions here and there, it has now expanded worldwide. It has formed alliances and developed communities. With this sort of growth, you should not miss the chance in taking advantage of the chance to reach this so-called uncharted territory for some of you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the lucrative industry of esports. Esports is now such a huge sensation, and more people are starting to join the conversation. This is the chance to do some Esports Marketing and get in the game before its too late.

What esports is

kfjd648Esports stands for electronic sports. It is basically competitive professional video gaming. Video game genres most commonly associated with esports are fighting, first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and multiplayer online battle arena. Players come together to play for money and glory. These events are usually streamed online where they can draw millions of viewers. In popular matches, you will see thousands of people gathering on site to watch the players play.

Why jump into the game

The market of esports is expanding rapidly. It has generated hundreds and millions of dollars in revenue per year. And year after year, it keeps on growing. There is a huge sense of community around esports, and their fans have an incredible passion for this sport. These fans are not only committed to the teams they follow, but they are also committed to their desire to watch the sport live. When watching a live-streamed video, people are usually more emotionally engaged. Fans tune in to watch the action go live in games from all around the world. With the power of broadcasted live video and mixed with a dedicated fan base, this means great opportunities for brands.

How to get involved

sxxd75Getting involved in a burgeoning market is very exciting yet nerve wrecking. With a growing community filled with a passionate fan base, opportunities arise. You must understand where your brand fits in and engage your fan base. There are a plethora of chances for brands to get involved like with player endorsements, team sponsorships, white label events, digital landing pages, and also event sponsorships. It is also possible for some traditional advertising upon broadcasting and digital media properties.